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two dreams!

So the first dream I had was when I was sick. I had a fever, and I was thinking of animals. My cousin's fiancee had these two cats (in real life, but she gave them away later) and they were like, stalking me. I'm totally allergic to cats, so it was creepy. Then, one of them bit my hand! My family was watching and they didn't even help me! It was so scary.

The other dream was also about animals. My cousin and his fiancee had two dogs, but they added one more a few days ago. So, in my dream me and the fiancee went around town and picked up like five more dogs. Then we went to where my uncle works and got dog food. My uncle's work is a hardware store!

Fan Fic eats my brain

So a friend of mine, tarlanx, write this fic about Stargate: Atlantis. It's an AU where the city is sentient and only wants people with this gene in the city. Atlantis later lets in people who don't have the gene.

Well in my dream for unknown reasons the city starts kicking people out who don't have the gene. She even kicks out Daniel and Rodney (who are kind of important).

I don't know why she did it though 'cause I woke up. I just know people were pissed and scared.

The lottery helps me control water

I guess I'll just post the wacky dream I had last night.

I went to buy something at Costco and when the lady came back with my change, she said that they automatically entered everyone who bought something, into the lottery and I just won 450,000 dollars.
And then the night before I was going to get my money, I got a call that my arch enemy had taken over this building with water, and I could apparently control water, so I had to go save the people in the building. But then when me and my family (I had been with my family this whole time, I don't know why we were all together all the time) got there I couldn't use my powers inside the building.

I'm guessing winning the lottery helped me to control water? I don't know.


I'll start. A very long time ago (High school) I had a dream where teddy bears from outer space came to my school to protect me/us/someone from toasters and copy machines, that ate people and you could see them inside the machine. The teddy bears flew and had costumes and capes and everything. They even had little masks. I woke up before I found out who won.

Yeah, I don't know either.


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